Three Bays Farm specializes in caring and attentive instruction for the first time rider. Our lesson horses are mature, kind, and well mannered, and have been part of our family for many years. Safety is a priority at Three Bays and our goal is to make riding a  pleasant and fun learning experience.

We have been featured in the Reading Times Newspaper, and on WITF TV as part of a PBS program.
Our farm has also been used for a location of a TV commercial shoot.

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania, our horses enjoy lush pastures with heated automatic water troughs and large roomy sheds for protection.

We offer...

  • Quality Boarding

  • Retirement Boarding

  • Lay Ups

  • Private Instructions

Other Services Offered...

  • 1/2 board / lease of school horses

  • Lead line pony available for horse shows

  • Customized horse search for the interested buyer

  • Training of inexperienced horses

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Owner/Operator, Janet Citron...

Has over 30 years experience in teaching first time riders, from 3 years old to adults. She has also enjoyed working with thoroughbreds on and off the track, spent many years managing polo horses in NY, FL, MD and CO. and is actively competing in endurance and competitive trail.
Janet and Neil have been involved in the boarding industry for 11 years, outgrowing their facility in NY and moving to their beautiful farm in PA, 5 years ago.

Testimonials from our clients...

We can see the horses of Three Bays Farm from our house. My grandson and I would always watch the horses from our windows or yard. He wanted to learn to ride (and secretly so did I). We walked over one day and Janet was giving a lesson - the student was jumping her horse in the ring. We spoke with Janet and set up Ian's first lesson. That was 2 years ago. This year he attended all 3 horse camps. He enjoyed each day's activities and loves the sleep overs. He was sad every time they came to an end. He has learned to ride, jump, feed, groom and tack the horses at an early age of 6.
In watching Ian ride and having fun, I asked Janet if she would teach an old woman to ride. I absolutely love it. It is so beautiful at Three Bays Farm. Riding is a great stress reliever, clears the head and is a lot of FUN. I don't know how to put in words what it's like when you are in the groove with your horse beneath a blue sky, warm sun on your face and the wind in your hair.
Janet is an excellent teacher. She has the right temperament to teach all ages. She is patient, funny, yet demands your attention at all times. She keeps it interesting and takes you to the next level when you are ready. Safety is number 1 with Janet.
Everyone at the barn is friendly and helpful. It's easy to meet and make new friends at the barn.

My name is Ian. I like Three Bays Farm because they have pretty views, pretty jumps, a beautiful track and pretty animals (most of all HORSES). Janet is very nice. If you listen well the first few lessons, she lets you ride a BIG horse. If you do camp, you swim, go on mule rides, scavenger hunts, games on horses, games on foot, pick your own horses, tack, groom, take care of your horse and make new friends. One thing about the farm, if you fall off your horse you are a member of the Grasshopper Club...that means you must make Janet BROWNIES. Janet is teaching me the things I like ... JUMPING AND PLAYING POLO. When you get more experience, Janet will teach you how to canter. The sad thing about Winter ... is that there are no lessons :-(

Never have I seen a happier herd of horses than those that live well at Three Bays Farm. If I don't get to the barn for whatever reason I do not worry about my horse's well-being. Amazingly, Janet knows each horse's needs and wants. Should an emergency arise, it is seen to in a calm and competent manner. If my horse could speak, he would say "surely this is Horse Heaven".

See you soon,

 I arrived at Three Bays three plus years ago with one horse, that increased to two (my daughter�s horse) and finally a third, a yearling. I can�t begin to tell you how pleased I have been with the facilities and care that is given to each horse. Her equine knowledge goes beyond the surface. Janet helped me in working with the youngster, her lessons are great; I�ve taken some and watched her teach a lot.
Janet and Neil have provided the type of atmosphere where my horses are happy and so am I. When I go away for awhile, I don�t worry about my horses�I know they�re in good hands.
Lita Pace
ps: The riding ring is nice, but the track is tremendous.

Just thought I'd drop a line about this really great place called Three Bays Farm. I met Janet and Neil in New York and boarded my first horse with them.When they moved to Pa, I boarded my new horse with them .They are really nice people to know.If you have questions or problems with your horse or your riding,Janet is always ready and willing to help.The kids she teaches in her summer camp and regular lessons are always laughing and having a good time.There's a serious side too.Janet teaches her students(kids and adults alike)to respect and to be responsible with the horses and ponies at TBF.The horses that live permanently at Three Bays Farm,the boarders and the lesson horses all get the best care,whether its blankets in the winter or "showers"in the heat of summer.All the horses are happy and" well rounded"The people who take care of the horses at TBF are caring and knowledgable.They worry about the horses as if they were their own.My son started taking riding lessons with Janet when he was 6.He and Janet's pony Jewely learned together and grew up together.They have quite a few ribbons.Now my son is 16 and Janet found the perfect horse for him.They are growing up together.So I have 2 horses at 3 Bays Farm and their care and well being are two things I don't have to worry about.Neil is the MAN who keeps the place running behind the scenes.From keeping the farm staying beautiful and clean to moral support for a nervous rider.And once in a while you'll even see Neil up on his Quarterhorse surveying his Kingdom.Three Bays Farm is a great place I'm glad my horses call home.

Three Bays Farm offers an excellent atmosphere for children of all ages who want to pursue their interest in horses. During lessons a totally hands on experience is offered, where every level of horseback riding can be learned! Not only do children learn riding techniques, but they also learn how to groom, tack-up, and properly take care of horses. The knowledge that I have seen children gain at the farm will last them for the rest of their lives. Also, summer camps give them the ability to grow with their riding skills and with other children their age. Friends are always made, and teamwork is often learned. I have so enjoyed working with the kids, and watching their love for these wonderful animals grow. Janet is an excellent instructor, who makes learning enjoyable and very safe. I know my education and love for horses grows every visit to Three Bays Farm, and I enjoy every single moment of it.

Emmy Wolf







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